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Girl scouts be damned

So for a work treat I decided to make cookies. Well… mostly for work. Ok, ok! I wanted them. Lay off me I love thin mints fresh from the freezer.

This recipe was incredibly simple yet pretty time consuming. The recipe took about two hours from start to finish and I only coated about 2/3 of the cookies :-/. Its possible that because I made them smaller the chocolate ran out quicker. This is the recipe I used, and its got some good photos for what your looking for on a step by step basis. Except the steps aren’t in any order or tied to the steps, and it was more of a “Let me double check the recipe. Oh yeah, it looked like that the whole way through!”. They came out a lot like the photo and the ones I ate right off the pan (I SAID LAY OFF ME) were pretty good but definitely needed to be frozen.


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