I’m a recent college grad with a degree in Psychology who fell into a great job in tech support shortly after graduation. I have a deep passion for food that fulfills a part of me that my job doesn’t. I often make stuff and feed it to everyone who will take a bite. I’ve grown up in a kitchen with an Italian mom. I often had weird lunches when everyone else had lunchables. At the time it got me teased but now I’m glad because I can make my family’s sauce and know how to do other culinary techniques that can truly wow. And ultimately food is how I show someone that I care for them. I think that there is something about food that can make love be felt without being said.


Viola and Blink-

We live in a Chicagoland suburb. We used to live inside the city limits but for work we moved. Thus we make frequent trips to Chicago while also exploring the area closer to us.


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