Valentines Day Blink Style

So for Valentines day, I tried to make my baby as happy as I could. First, she loves french fries. I used two serious eats recipes again. First is this recipe and the second is this recipe. The general idea was the double frying. I used her mandolin to cut the fries so they were nice and thin then fried in peanut oil for about a minute a batch. Then once they were cooled, shoved into the freezer over night. On Valentines day I refried them for about 3-4 minutes. Once cooked, I quickly tossed them in garlic salt and then grated pecorino cheese extremely fine over the top. TADA! Garlic Pecorino (Parmesan) fries for my baby.

Next was the Margherita Pizza. I used this recipe. Instead of the grated Mozzarella I used Mozzarella balls fresh from the local grocer. I

also took fresh basil leaves and hand tore them into bits to toss on top. Finally, for the cheese-ist part, I shaped the pizza like a heart. Its Valentines day, you knew it was coming.

The last part was equally as cheesy but more… punny. I made banana cupcakes, with honey frosting and crushed walnuts on top. I’m banana nuts crazy about you honey… Get it? Terrible I know…

Oh, and champagne. Lots of it.

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