Today in things I made but forgot to photograph….

I have made several desserts recently that I’ve either been too excited or too frustrated about to take a picture of. SO LETS GO!

Around the holidays I learned that you can make delicious liquors from (relatively) cheap vodka that are so much more than the sum of their parts. One of the things I made was creme de menthe. So when I had to make something sweet to contribute to a work function this recipe looked delicious. Since I used the high quality creme de menthe I went with the high quality chocolate to counteract the trashy nature of the base recipe. It totes was delicious but honestly the depanning of this was a complete mess. You have been warned.


I saw the recipe and I fell in LOVE with it. This was the first of three treats I brought into work in one week. I fucked up and used a coarser grind of cornmeal than was probably recommended but I think it gave an unexpected earthiness.


I had to make something for a coworkers last day sendoff type thing and I had the very general category of cookies or brownies to select from. The night before I ended up going with this recipe. First time using it and OMG was it awesome. Intensely chocolately with more of the texture of actual truffles than brownies. I ate two…. even on my diet.


This is the recipe I was dreading speaking about the most. It had several iterations and didnt turn out how I was expecting at all. So I decided to sub Biscoff cookies instead of gingerbread because everybody loves them and I had two sleeves in the pantry. I borrowed the most bizarre tart pan from my mom. It required putting the crust in the turned upside down pan and baking it. Once done you flip it out and over then fill it and bake again. I got to flipping it out and it cracked into like a babillion pieces. Womp womp. So I reground up the cookies and put another stick of butter plus some speculoos (basically a peanut butter version of the Biscoff cookies). Because double the cookie flavor is always double the fun. This time I froze it and then flipped it out. Worked a bit better but still was crumbly. I refused to give up and filled it anyway.  I popped that sucker in the oven and promptly forgot about it until the timer went off. AAAAAANNNND the spread that happened on the poor tart. It filled up the entire pan pretty much. A layer of cookie with the chocolate on top. FINE it is now chocolate ganache with caramel cookie crust. They were well received even though they have a very different appearance than thought.


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