The Magic of Mitsuwa

Blink and I are very fortunate to live close by the most wonderful marketplace maybe ever. Like ever ever. Mitsuwa. It is the most magical asian market. You can get anything you want there, most of the packaging is in a different language but the staff is very willing to help your poor unknowledgeable american ass out.

Viola’s take:

My favorite part though is the mini food court they have. Theres a few different stands there and they all have so many good-looking options that it usually takes me two laps around to make my final decision. Based on this recommendation, I decided to get the Special Toroniku Shio Ramen from Santouka. That would be pork cheek ramen in a soulful bursting with umami broth. The picture looks good but it tastes even better.

On another visit I decided to get Dol Sot from Mama’s House, the korean stand in the food court. I love me some gochujang. Take everything you love about Sriracha and make it fermented and ugh lordy lordy…. its the sort of stuff I would lick off of people. But that’s basically my barometer for a good condiment. Moving on…. I love the little clay pots they serve it in too as I like my food piping hot and it has so much stored up heat energy its hot the WHOLE time you’re eating it. I forgot to take a picture before eating half of it I was so excited but it gives you a good idea.

Blink’s Take:

Ordered some duck lo mein from Jockey Express. I personally like the basic flavors this dish provided. The duck was very tender and juicy that is for sure. I would recommend this as a cheap and delicious meal. The leeks and presentation were far better before we took the picture… but I got excited. This comes with a very sweet and salty sauce to accompany it. I choose to

dip it sparingly as the basic taste was definitely enough to please my palette.

The thing I like most about Mitsuwa is the variety of products I cannot get for any sort of reasonable price. I love frying in my wok and to do it you need a butt load of peanut oil. They sell it here! A gallon for under $10. Take that grocery stores. It seems like its a novelty to have a food court in a store, but they definitely bring their ‘A’ game. There is a burger joint that has some less traditional variations but the real attraction of this place is their pancakes (Unfortunately not on their website). I know, pancakes at a burger joint? I just shuddered at the thought of the cellophane’d flapjacks at McDonalds and their stomach destroying contents. These are something on their own level. Think creme filled donuts, but make them pancakes. The two Viola and I tried were tea flavored and custard. I wasn’t wild about the tea flavored, but custard… I joy-gasmed before I even tasted them. I wasn’t disappointed.

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